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Thursday, December 1st 2005

1:43 AM

Hey, scarlet feather angel
Let me show you my crimson nails
I want you to smile as you make me
I want you to know, the yearning is ever flowing
Like the empty sky needs the sparkling stars
But I won’t tell you

Dear angel,
Something special
Doesn’t quickly fade away
When I hold you close
You don’t have to feel alone

Would you take my hand,
Or let me melt into the sea?
Are we fan of together hands strolling along the rain,
Or are we miles apart without tracks for a train?
But I won’t ask you

28 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Wednesday, October 26th 2005

9:26 PM

Father and Son

  • Emotional Current: bored

A father converse his son

Sometimes you drained me
You are such an endless energy
Our union is such a fond synergy
Breath by breath you are mine
Our embraces are essences

Then his son chats in trade

Father of mine,
Sometimes your heart showed within your eyes
I am is your greatest prize
You teach me how to truly soar above the sky

Our moments are precious

We are invincible
Enviable being!
No storms, no clouds, in the blue sky foreseeing,
Play on, live on,
My son,
My father


30 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Wednesday, September 28th 2005

9:39 PM

Autumn Romance

The whisky sky
The afternoon delight
Care for an autumn dance?
I know, when everything seemed unpleasant
Working days can be dreary
Indulgence shouldn’t make you weary
Never mind the neighbors
They will understand
How we only sing to our heart desire
Feel it flowing through our soul like fire
Love is the theme music of our meaning
Smile, my dearest magic king!
Dance, in this autumn wind
So these rusted, yellow and scarlet leaves
Be given their wings
Running and chasing in the spin
Surround you and me
There’s nothing more pleasant
And the best part is only begun


11 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Tuesday, September 27th 2005

3:33 AM

Dear Muse

  • Emotional Current: return of lost desire
  • Music Effect: Dear Love - L'arc en Ciel
  • Muse of the day: He who has the most beautiful face - do you realise?

Have you ever miss romance?
Morn sunrays
Sneaks in between trees arms
My extended soul to
the thought of you
cool breeze on my face
Your blue gaze
Under the summer skylight’s glow
Paradise joy overflow
This joyful dance cant go wrong
I dreamed about you
Standing among the prairie of gold
Luminous billow
Tell me about the gold
Let the lost breeze strokes us,
Chocolate mousse kisses

Come, muse
Let’s head for the beach!
Wines, dances, embraces
More flowers and pearls that we care
If only we can let ourselves
Drift on clouds of pleasures
We can have the land of Vine

Photography by Paul Schwartz

199 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Monday, July 25th 2005

4:52 AM

Dónde está?

  • Emotional Current: -
  • Music Effect: Sara - Neri Per Caso

Dónde está?
Where will the story go, my dear?
Wouldn’t you still want it
The picture of us by the Aegean sea?
Didn’t we agree
You are the art and I’m the artist?


Why would you hide
My golden ink
It’s easy not for me
The sun is always kissing you
My work, My time, My Life
Where is your courage to tell me
It will never come?
Dónde está mi amor?

161 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Sunday, May 22nd 2005

10:23 PM

Soul Odissey

  • Emotional Current:
  • Music Effect: Flight of the bumblebee-Maxim
  • Muse of the day: Pre-SW

a solitude journey
slicing the wind, smoke and rain
in this couture highway
Staring the fading fountain
Once again

This face carries daily decency
Eternal signal of conterfeit
Because they come to see the play
Not listen
That's why people got wings
Imposters who sing

Mothership of emptiness
Wet days and dark night sky
Took you away, by the silence
Escaping through paper diamonds dream
No more sleep nor waking up
No more candle flames nor sweet south music

15 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Thursday, May 19th 2005

1:31 AM

THE FORCE is Eternal

  • Emotional Current: sober
  • Muse of the day: Episode 3 ( I love starwars)
This is what happened when the system is going down. Reshuffling the programs because high-cheekbone people believe in it. Terminal 2802.. Lift it up once more. People perform code 66 in Santa Monica couch, and along Soho walk too. Cavalier clones among the jedi of truth.  This is what happened when world is taking side to dark forces to rule. Making backward steps while their masks marching ahead. This is, the lollipop manifesto. Loaded with fairy faces, empty of sensations. Nothingness. Wariness. This is the moment they called “getting lost in oneself”. Nowhere to hide.
86 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Tuesday, April 26th 2005

11:28 PM

Boredom Song

  • Emotional Current:
  • Music Effect: Phantom of The Opera
  • Muse of the day: Magic Eyes

By this time,
I should be going to join therapy
Or sitting in some class and sitting in circle
With strangers
Listen to every stupid introduction
And forced to admit you’re an addict
I went to movie shop
And buy a full basket of festival or
Some award nominees,
And watched them all,wide-eyed
Fully focus on the story and nothing else

I tried…
Goodbye Lenin- to
Six Ways To Sunday
Coffee and Cigarettes
Lock Stock and Smoking Barrels
Only later ..
To cry over
Spongebob the movie

I could’t stop asking myself WHY
15 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Monday, April 4th 2005

7:55 PM

Sunset Eyes

  • Emotional Current:

Sea red vintage melts the sun
Listen to bird song of sunset
Love all, fear not
Let’s go dip dip our feet
The water is willow deep

I want your brilliant smile again
More precious than your nudity
Ecstatic, eclectic, fantastic
Feel the warm water sooth your feet
The purity of salty water foams

Contemplate the absolute wih your penetrating eyes
Analyse hate
Analyse love
Analyse irony
Analyse agony

Brood over the human madness
Hover on, sail away
Drown this nothingness
Let’s go cruising
To the eternal heaven

14 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?

Wednesday, March 23rd 2005

6:24 PM

Dream of me

  • Emotional Current: Dreamy
  • Music Effect: Dream a Little Dream-Beautiful South
  • Muse of the day: Magic King

Dream of me, my magic king
Dream of me tonight
Dream of me only, and me alone
A Dance under the moonlight
On a floating boat, in the dark ocean water

Dream of me tonight
Dream of me only, and me alone

Painting by Marc Chagall

23 Voice(s) of Freedom / What Say You?